**Effective January 1, 2020, the Pharmacy Benefit Management Certified Technician Program has implemented changes to our recertification expiration dates.  Please visit our Recertification Announcement:** 

Recertification Announcement with FAQ's.pdf


Certification Period
The PBMCT certification is valid for a period of two (2) years. 

Recertification of PBMCT’s is one way to help assure that the specific skills and industry knowledge that are needed to provide safe, efficient and effective services to the public are being maintained.  The continuing education requirements that are included in recertification promote continual learning in a rapidly changing field, and help enhance skills that are essential in PBM practice.

Recertification Requirements
Certificants must complete a minimum of fifteen (15) contact hours (1.50 CEUs) of ACPE-approved Continuing Education Units (CEUs) during each two (2) year recertification cycle.  

CEUs completed before initial certification is granted will not be eligible to satisfy recertification requirements. CEUs can only be applied to the recertification cycle in which they are completed and will not be attributed to future certification periods.

PBMCTs must maintain their own records of CEUs earned during each recertification period, and are responsible for maintaining these records for at least two (2) years after the certification cycle ends.  Certificates of Attendance must be uploaded to the certificant’s account at pbmct.com".

Certificants will be decertified upon the expiration date of their certification if they fail to apply for recertification and meet recertification criteria.  Certificants are encouraged to apply for recertification and pay the re-certification fee at least ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of their certification.  Certificants who become decertified must stop using the PBMCT credential immediately.

Use your Current PBMCT Credentials to Promote Yourself! 

Current certificants are encouraged to Promote Yourself and display your PBMCT credentials.  Here are just a few professional scenerios in which you could utilize your certification designation: