Item writing is one the most important and exciting aspects of building the Pharmacy Benefit Certified Technician (PBMCT) examination. Working with other Subject Matter Experts who represent some of the key players in the Pharmacy Benefit Management industry, Committee Members will draft Items for potential inclusion in the certification exam.
The estimated time commitment for members of the Item Writing Committee is approximately two hours every other week for a period of two months each year, for a term of two years. 

It is asked that volunteers maintain consistent and continued participation in order to provide a professional and productive committee environment.  The importance of confidentiality when writing examination items for a credentialing program is critical order to help ensure the integrity of the examination.


  • Volunteers must be actively working in the PBM industry or a setting that provides PBM Training Services
  • Volunteers do not need to hold the PBMCT credential*

*Due to NCCA accreditation restrictions, committee members will be not be eligible to take the PMBCT Examination for a period of two years following the end of their committee involvement.

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