Join Us for an Instructional Meeting! 


Date:Wednesday September 2, 2020

10:00 A.M. -10:45 A.M. 

Central Standard Time (CST) 

If you would like to join our instructional meeting, send an e-mail to the PBMCT Program Staff at the icon below: 



You are invited to join the PBMCT Staff for a brief 45 minute informational Web Ex meeting. The meeting will highlight the following Recertification requirements:  

  • Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Requirements
  • The fee to renew your certification is $80 US Dollars. Your employer may sponsor your certification renewal fees, so we encourage you to inquire with your manager about your professional development benefits.

Sign up today to join our informational meeting.  We encourage you to ask questions and provide assistance with renewing your certification.  Please note, your certification is only valid for the up to the expiration date.  Upon expiration, you will be required to discontinue using the PBMCT credential if you do not take action to renew your certification.