The primary purpose of the Pharmacy Benefit Management Technician Certification Program (Program) is to evaluate the competency of individuals who provide Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) technician services and to confer the credential Pharmacy Benefit Management Certified Technician (PBMCT) to individuals that possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to provide safe, efficient, and effective PBM technician services for U.S. based prescription drug programs or integrated healthcare systems. 

In fulfilling this mission, the Program serves PBM employers, individuals seeking employment at these organizations, and the general public. The designation of PBMCT provides employers with increased confidence in the competency of certified technicians. The Program also provides a manner in which individuals can demonstrate and receive third party attestation of their competency - thereby increasing their value within the PBM industry. The Program serves the public by validating the competency of PBM technicians that it may encounter when seeking or receiving prescription drug services. By developing a credential specific to the PBM industry, the Program aims to raise awareness of the importance of technicians and their specific skills within the PBM industry. Finally, the Certification Program provides PBMCT's with recertification requirements that provide some structure to their continuing education and professional development.