Jennifer Haji, PBMCT, CPhT

Cigna HealthSpring

Program Management Lead Analyst


Would you recommend for other Pharmacy Technicians to take the PBMCT examination?


“I would highly recommend the Pharmacy Benefit Management Technician Certification examination to my colleagues.  The certification allows you to stand out in the crowd, which is always a bonus. The PBMCT certification separates you a bit more.   You’re not just a pharmacy technician, you have knowledge about pharmacy benefits, so it gives you more leverage to do your job well and treat your customers how they deserve to be treated. I anticipate my PBMCT certification will help to open the doors in the future."  




Brigitte Flores, PBMCT, CPhT

Optum Rx

Senior Product Analyst

After you became PBMCT certified, did you receive additional opportunities or promotions?

I have definitely gained more confidence in the work that I am performing.  After becoming PBMCT certified, I feel that I am seen as someone who is qualified and I have been asked to train new technicians.  It's just been a fun experience.  After obtaining my PBMCT certification, I have further developed my skills and progressed my career. I know that maintaining my PBMCT certification will be helpful for me in the long term.